About JeppssonPhotography

JeppssonPhotography was founded 2011 by me, Ola Jeppsson. I have photographed most of my life, in various formats ranging from 24x36, middle format to large format cameras. Including the very first compact camera in the 1960's.

My portfolio has focused on Landscapes, Nature, Wildlife, and Portraits. Scenic Landscapes of various types and Skies have become a core element of the recent Landscape photography. The most recent nature and wildlife photography has focused on Butterflies and Underwater Photography. Portraits have covered both beauty and wedding photography.

In addition to being self taught as a photographer I have studied technical photography and image processing at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Based on the theories of color, I am using techniques to reproduce natural color pictures (color reproduction) of artist oil paintings and other color critical objects.

In order to view all images on the site with the correct colors, calibrate your screen to 5355K Whitepoint 80Cd/m2 Blackpoint minimum and Gamma 2.2